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PCI Media Impact is a pioneer and world leader in Entertainment-Education and communications for social change.

For more than 25 years, we have advanced the well-being of vulnerable populations by improving knowledge, shifting locally-determined attitudes and changing behaviors toward critical social issues.

Working in a capacity-building model, through our My Community approach, our unique strategy of storytelling allows millions to live healthier lives, sustainably, and in harmony with their natural world.

Together with our partners around the world,
PCI Media Impact has produced

    • 5,000

    • episodes of
    • 100

    • serial radio and
      television productions,
      reaching more than
    • 1 billion

    • people in over
    • 45

    • Countries


In 27 years of work, Media Impact and our local partners have produced more than 3,000 episodes of 80 television and radio dramas. Together, these programs have reached more than 1 billion people in more than 40 countries. We are currently working in more than 30 countries, telling the stories that change the world. See what?s on the air, in the editing room and ready for rebroadcast by click on the links.

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My Wildlife – My Community (Tanzania) 


Promotes the conservation of wildlife through a reduction in unsustainable and illegal bushmeat harvesting in northern Tanzania. Issues: Wildlife conservation and sustainable livelihoods

Not for Sale (Bolivia)


The program raises awareness to prevent the human exploitation and trafficking in Bolivia’s most vulnerable areas by using three-pronged My-Community approach to social change: a serial drama, a local radio talk show and a community mobilization campaign. Issues: Human Trafficking Prevention.

Mucho Corazón (Mexico)

The 36-episode high-quality television drama produced entirely in Chiapas promotes the importance of sustainable development by adopting farming practices that are profitable, environmentally sound, and sustainable gender equity and respect for Indigenous Peoples among other issues present positive change to the audience as they add conflict to this highly entertaining telenovela. Issues: Sustainable Development, Gender Equality, in particular the right for girls to education, Indigenous Peoples, alcoholism, Human Trafficking and financial literacy

My Water – My Community (Peru)


90-episode radio drama and regionally-produced radio talk shows to raise awareness about and motivate social change in the areas of sanitation, hygiene and water resource management. Issues: Sanitation, Hygiene, Water, Gender Equality.

Strong Voices-Strong Women (Peru, Colombia and Bolivia)


Three radio dramas that aim to mobilize citizen action, strengthen civil society and influence cultural norms to confront gender-based violence in rural, afro-descendant and indigenous communities of these three countries Issues: Gender-base violence.

Corazón de Mujer (Mexico)


The 40-episode radio serial drama encourage listeners to take advantage of new laws empowering women and protecting their right to live free of domestic abuse;; respect for Indigenous peoples. Gender Equality, Gender-based violence, Indigenous Peoples.

Youth and Sexual Reproductive Health (Peru)


This program is promoting positive changes in knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of the target population to prevent teenage pregnancy and to respect the sexual and reproductive rights of teenagers in different regions of Peru. Issues: Youth Sexual Reproductive Rights, Teenage Pregnancy Prevention.

Voces Nuestras /Our Voices (Bolivia)


Our Voices is a national four-year program that strengthened the capacity of community radio stations to produce relevant programs. Using Ciudad Espesa, a 45-episode radio drama in Spanish, Quechua and Aymara, as a vehicle to spark dialogue these stations promote access to communication and increasing tolerance in a multicultural society. Issues: Civic Participation, Communication and Diversity.

Youth Environmental Program (Colombia)


This program aims to promote new practices and give visibility to the environmental problems caused by electrical appliances waste, through a communication strategy implemented in one private and one public school in Cali, Colombia. Issue: Electrical appliances waste

Hεn Mpoano: Our Coast, Our Future (Ghana)


Promotes environmentally-sound fishing practices and coastal management behaviors in Ghana. The program promotes an integrated approach to ecosystem governance and sustainable management of coastal resourc Issues: Sustainable fishing, coastal resources management.

My Gorilla - My Community (Nigeria and Cameroon)


Targets behavior changes to promote habitat conservation for the last 200 Cross River gorillas in Nigeria and Cameroon.  Issues: Cross River Gorilla preservation and sustainable livelihoods

The Sustainable and Thriving Environments for West Africa Regional Development (STEWARD) (Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea, Ivory Coast)


Promotes forest conservation and sustainable livelihoods, focusing on conserving trans-boundary “priority zones” in the Upper Guinean Forest Ecosystem of Guinea, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, and Liberia. Issues: Forest conservation, sustainable livelihoods

My School-My Community (New York and St. Lucia)

My School-My Community gives students from underserved populations the tools to amplify their voices and engage in the decision-making processes from which they are often excluded.  As students create and broadcast a serial drama, campaign and talk show for behavior change, they unite their communities with a call to action that models positive responses to social issues important to them.  Issues: Student-selected issues vary among schools and include critical topics such as: bullying, school spirit, cleanliness, respect, homophobia, teen pregnancy, gang violence, stress and drug abuse

My Western Chimpanzee - My Community (Sierra Leone and Liberia)


Promotes the conservation of western chimpanzees in the Upper Guinea Forest region in post-war Sierra Leone and Liberia.  Issues: Chimpanzees conservation and sustainable livelihoods

My Chimpanzee - My Community (Rwanda and Burundi)


Promotes the conservation of chimpanzees in the Nyungwe-Kibira landscape in Rwanda and Burundi.
 Issues: Chimpanzees conservation and sustainable livelihoods

My Tiger - My Community (Laos)


Promotes the conservation of Indochinese tigers in Nam Et-Phou Louey National Protected Area in Laos.  Issues: Tiger conservation, forest conservation, sustainable livelihoods

My Island - My Community (15 countries throughout the Carribean) 


My Island - My Community is a strategic Communications for Behavior Change program that is building knowledge and shifting attitudes around conservation, climate change adaptation and HIV/AIDS priorities to catalyze the behavior change necessary to build resilient island communities across the Caribbean. Issues:Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation and HIV/AIDS

My Green Gabon (Gabon) 


My Green Gabon is an innovative national communications program promoting biodiversity conservation and sustainable development in support of the government's Green Gabon vision. Issues: Biodiversity conservation and sustainable development