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My Community: Capacity, Community and Change

We work with partners around the world to produce Entertainment-Education (E-E) programs rooted in our three-pronged My Community approach to communications for social change. Using a combination of serial dramas, talk shows and community mobilization, we:

  • Strengthen the capacity of our local partners to effectively use communications to catalyze change;
  • Create a community of constituents who support our collaborative work; and
  • Promote positive changes in audience knowledge, attitudes and behaviors around target issues.

As a result we are promoting a new generation of change-leaders using communications to effectively turn up the volume on their important work.

Why does this approach work? Because of outcomes like this…


In Guatemala, where the HIV rate is one of the highest in Latin America, the program El Truso (The Intruder) gained such popularity between 2007 and 2009 that it received the support and commitment of the Ministry of Health’s National Program for HIV Prevention, the Pan American Health Organization, and the United Nations Population Fund.

In partnership with Asociación Comunicares, PCI Media Impact hosted volunteer activities and workshops, which trained

  • 350
  • youth


on sexual and reproductive issues.

The Intruder ultimately reached the lives of

3 million

young people


In the Caribbean, My Island-My Community has brought together

  • 15
  • countries

and over fifty international, regional and national partners from media, government and NGOs

all working together to shift attitudes and cultural norms around priority issues based on climate change and biodiversity conservation.


In India, exposure to the soap opera, Taru, which was broadcast on India’s National Radio network for a year, brought about substantial change in promoting gender equality, small family norms and the adoption of contraceptives. For example, in certain villages,

  • condom sales increased by
  • 680%
  • the sale of birth control pills increased
  • 580%

Moreover, after the broadcast, there were significantly greater reports of intergenerational dialogue, from 55.4% before to 72.3% after. There was also a considerable increase in discussions about family planning issues among friends, from 68.2% pre-Taru to 83% post-Taru.