Thematic Areas

Media for Health

After more than a quarter century producing population-focused Entertainment-Education programs, PCI Media Impact has expanded its scope to address additional issues relevant to health: family planning and sexual health, teenage pregnancy, public sanitation and hygiene, among others. As the world’s population surpasses seven billion, population-related health issues are of increasing importance, and Media for Health continues to be at the heart of our work.

Our program in Peru is emblematic of the health work PCI Media Impact increasingly undertakes, as population and environmental pressures threaten health and well-being. Water is not only in short supply there, but it is also poorly distributed. PCI Media Impact is working in consultation with USAID and regional partners in Lima Norte, Piura, Cusco and Loreto, to launch My Water-My Community (The Story of Our Water). This three year radio-based program uses our My Community approach to raise awareness about public sanitation, hygiene and water resource management, in order to bring safe drinking water to the millions living throughout Peru without this basic human necessity.

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Media for Environment

Environmental conservation and the sustainable use of natural resources are central pillars of any sustainable development agenda. In response, PCI Media Impact has launched programs to address critical issues such as climate change adaptation, tiger, gorilla and chimpanzee conservation, natural resource management, and sustainable livelihoods in over 25 countries throughout Africa, the Caribbean, Asia, and Latin America.

PCI Media Impact’s My Island-My Community program (launched in 15 Caribbean nations) aims to raise awareness among islanders that climate change is not a scientific abstraction, but a grave threat to their way of life. The 208-episode, Entertainment-Education drama, Callaloo, promotes a clear vision of what people can do to mitigate the damage of climate change through biodiversity conservation. In addition, this integrated communications campaign addresses a host of other issues ranging from HIV and sexual health to sustainable fishing and farming, garbage disposal, and conservation-minded policies.

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Media for Social Justice

PCI Media Impact believes lasting change starts with the world’s marginalized communities. This is why PCI Media Impact includes gender equity storylines and youth-related issues in every drama we produce. Strengthening the role of women in society results in increased education, economic opportunities and more vibrant democratic societies. Educating and empowering youth is an important investment for any community, as young people assume a greater level of responsibility and help societies to grow.

In 2012, PCI Media Impact partnered with the Chiapas state government in Mexico to produce the Entertainment-Education telenovela Mucho Corazón (A Lot of Heart) after the great success of our 2011 radio drama Corazón de Mujer (Heart of a Woman). Both Entertainment-Education programs promote women’s economic opportunities, equal rights for women and Indigenous Peoples as well as equal access to government health services, women’s empowerment, financial literacy and girls’ education. The 36 episode TV series, written by two prestigious Mexican writers, features and promotes local talent. It is now broadcast on over 20 stations in eight countries.

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