Johnny Anaya

Program Manager Bolivia

Johnny Anaya is the Program Manager for Media Impact’s, Our Voices program, a national initiative aimed at using media and community mobilization to encourage access to communication, democracy and tolerance in the pluralist Bolivia society. In this role, Johnny leads the production of all radio materials including a 45-episode drama, Ciudad Espesa, and its adaptation into Quechua and Aymara languages. In collaboration with Media Impact partner, SECRAD, Johnny provides training and on-site mentoring to the participating radio stations.

Prior to joining Media Impact in 2009, Johnny spent over 20 years of his professional career teaching and coordinating artistic projects. In 1986, Johnny joined “Sociedad de Libre Expresión” (Free Expression Society), an artistic group that was later renamed, “Kíkinteatro.” There, he became actively involved in directing, scriptwriting and technical aspects of theater. He has worked with marginalized populations, including the disabled, abused women and inmates to encourage them to generate artistic expression, and he spent three years launching the civil association, Teatrics (