Javier Ampuero

Regional Manager, Latin America

Javier Ampuero is Media Impact’s Regional Manager for Latin America. In his role, he designs and advises the programs and strengthens partnerships in the region. Prior to joining Media Impact in 2009, Javier spent twenty-five years specializing in creation, execution and evaluation of communication programs as well as developing strategies regarding health, youth, and gender and citizen participation. He was a Director of Media of the Association of Social Communicators Calandria. Javier has also served as the Creative Director for several entertainment-education series, radio programs, fictional videos and guides. Javier taught for the Communication for Development Diploma program at the University San Martín de Porres in Perú, and he coordinated the Perú America Exchange (PAX) for the training and exchange of radio communicators from Perú and the United States to address issues about diversity, development and democracy. Javier also directed Action AIDS, a Latin American website about communication, HIV and AIDS.

Javier holds a degree in Social Communication from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos. He was a United States Department of State grant recipient for the International Visitor Leadership Program; a member of the Board of Directors for Red SIDA Perú (2007-2009) as well as Responsible Communication Strategies for the Consortium for the Development of Adolescents and Youth in Perú. A correspondent for the project, Bus del Milenio in Spain, Javier has also been a consultant for several organizations including the HIV and AIDS Alliance in the United Kingdom, the Kellogg Foundation, UNFPA, and UNESCO. In addition to these accomplishments, he has worked as a scriptwriter and cartoonist. He is the creator of a series of comics about development and popular education; founder of the Youth Comic Contest (1993-2000); and creator/director of “La Pizarra,” a formative publication for empirical communicators (1993-2003). Javier has also published several articles about communications.