Francília Jonaze

Scriptwriter- Mozambique

Francília Inocência Jonaze, was born in Chidenguele of Gaza province in Mozambique. She is a radio, theater, and film actress as well as an experienced scriptwriter. Her past experience in film includes working as an executive producer for Iris Imaginações for A Tempestade (Soul City/Iris) and As Vizinhas (UNICEF/Iris). Her formal scriptwriting training comes from South City in South Africa. Francilia has authored and co-authored the radio dramas Vidas Mascaradas (Nweti), O Poder (Heveltas), and Uma So Vida- Um So Parceiro (FDC). Her acting talent has also been showcased in a number of theater plays and films such as O Osso, O Ruzante, Destorcido, Impunidades Criminosas, As Vizinhas, among others. Francilia has a degree in English Language Teaching from the Universidade Pedagógica de Maputo.