Darius Barrolle

Communications Director WABiCC, Sierra Leone

As Program Team Leader, Darius is responsible for developing and implementing all program components and deliverables, as planned, in PZ1 and PZ2. He oversees activities in the field and is the point of contact for our partners and stakeholders. As Team Leader, he manages and mentors all staff and interns in the field.

Darius is a Producer and Playwright who has served as Assistant Drama Director at Talking Drum Studio Liberia, an international NGO involved in conflict resolution and development through multimedia programs. He produced over 600 episodes of Talking Drum Studio’s Soap Opera Drama, which is still listened to by over 3 million Liberians. Darius is also a co-founder of the Liberia Advertising Marketing and Productions, a local media company, where he produced over 200 radio dramas based on child rights, environmental protection and voter education since 2010.

Darius also served as Head of Media and Communication at Plan Liberia from 2012-2013 where he coordinated program activities including "Girls Making Media", "Because I'm a Girl" and Plan Liberia's promotion of the Liberia Child Rights Act.