Carina Schmid

Director, Global Health Programs

Carina is passionate about leveraging the power of media and creative communications to develop, implement and evaluate successful public health initiatives. Throughout her research and work, Carina constantly strives to find the balance in programs that are theoretically sound and also out-of-the-box to bring about innovative health behavioral changes without inducing fear. In this regard, Carina is a strong advocate and proponent of capacity building. The most successful and sustainable programs, she believes, are designed within a community and not for a community.

With a background in professional nursing, Carina worked as a head nurse in south Germany until she realized the importance of reaching out to people before they need medical care. She earned a Bachelor's degree in business communication with a focus on health communication and social marketing in Berlin. In 2012, she graduated from Columbia University with a Masters in Public Health with a concentration in Health Promotion.

Carina gets her positive energy from side projects including her blog and podcast, Good Idea Public Health, as well as acting in a number of New York's improvisation theaters.