Alleyne Regis

Regional Manager, Caribbean

Alleyne Regis is Media Impact’s Regional Manager for the Caribbean. Alleyne uses Media Impact training to spearhead efforts to develop, broadcast and evaluate entertainment-education programming. Alleyne worked on the production of more than 400 episodes of the drama, “Apwe Plezi,” broadcast in Saint Lucia on the local radio for more than three years. The drama addressed issues such as HIV and AIDS, spousal abuse, teenage pregnancy and drug abuse. In fact, Alleyne coordinated a partnership with the non-profit, Rare, to design, market and incorporate into the storyline a condom brand, in an effort to promote awareness and practice of safe sex. Alleyne also oversaw the production of the radio series drama, “Changing Tides,” which was awarded the Global Media Award in 2004. More than 380 episodes were aired on the islands of Palau, Kosrae, Chuuk, Pohnpei, Yap and the Marshall islands in the Western Pacific.

Before joining Media Impact in January 2010, Alleyne spent two years with PMC, before that Rare. Alleyne Victor Regis was born and raised on the Eastern Caribbean island of Saint Lucia. He earned an MA in Drama as Research from the University of Kent in 2006.