“Song for Hawa” Music Video

We are proud to partner with Liberia’s number one “Hip Co” star to produce two songs that address and try to reduce the high rates of sexual violence in the country. Takun J, which is local slang for big brother, is a local icon who communicates directly and powerfully to his fellow Liberians through his music. Hip Co, a popular music genre in the country, includes lyrics that are rapped or sung in colloquial English and explicitly address urgent political and social issues.

Takun J’s inspirations for “Song for Hawa” were conversations he had the girls who are survivors of gender-based violence. These girls live at a rehabilitation home run by THINK (Touching Humanity in Need of Kindness).  In addition to the video and songs, PCI Media Impact is empowering these girls to use photography to tell their own stories; the result is an eye-opening look at what it means to be a female in this war-ravaged country.

Ranging from ages 13 to 24, half of them already mothers and most below a fourth grade reading level, these girls have heart-wrenching stories to tell. None have ever used a camera before and most have never had a photo taken of themselves. Equipped with cameras and knowledge about how to use them, each becomes a powerful agent of change. As one girls explained, “If other girls are going to change and have different experiences in life, then they will have to learn from our example.”

PCI Media Impact premiered the “Song for Hawa,” music video to over 700 change-makers at the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women kickoff event. This project is part of our Mobilize4Africa media initiative to help prevent violence and abuse towards women in Liberia by amplifying their stories so they are heard on national and international levels.

Moving forward with Mobilize4Africa, PCI Media Impact will continue working with Takun J to produce a second music video for his song “Where you At?”, a powerful song calling upon the men of Liberia to stop treating their women poorly. You can be a part of this change and get Takun J’s word out by donating to our campaign to make this video a reality.

Lyrics to “Song for Hawa”

Together we stand
And whatever we learn (today)
Love the children, treat them good and don’t hurt them
Good to see them coming up, don’t hurt them

(Takun J)
This is a story of the girl who was younger
Living with this guy who claims to be her uncle
Her mother brought her to this guy when she was much younger
He took her to school, made her feel like a daughter
At the age of 14 year her mother died she discovered
After few months Uncle’s attitude change
He called her in the corner, start to pull down her jeans
She couldn’t believe what was happening, so she screamed
Then he left her alone with the threatening remarks
If you don’t let me do what I do then you should pack
No more paying your fees, no more food to eat
In fact, my house I think you got to leave
So she sat all alone all time and start to cry
She couldn’t believe what was happening in her life
Uncle didn’t stop he got what he want
End rape to the kids and its wrong

Together we stand
And whatever we learn (today)
Love the children, treat them good and don’t hurt them
Good to see them coming up don’t hurt them

(Takun J)
So as time went by the little girl started to worry
No one to talk to her to give her courage
When she decide to leave who going to pay her school fees
Who going to even find place for her to sleep
But she was under the fear not to tell anybody
She started getting reduced and getting dry in the body
How can she move when she caught up in the trap
But one soon morning she woke up with vexation
She went with tears in her eyes to the police station
She told the police how she got tormented
And quickly they run and have him arrested
Take this message from me to your parents
Always learn how to keep eyes on your children
In the community be there for one another
Treat the children equal together I think is better


Together we stand
And whatever we learn (today)
Love the children, treat them good and don’t hurt them
Good to see them coming up don’t hurt them
(Takun J)
Give the children the light their future is bright
Why you doing all the wrong when you know it not right
Matter of fact I guarantee to speak on their rights
They need love, they need care
They need protection in their life but not fear (yea)
Based on the fact some guys they in some bad habits
Such a habit like that of course they need to stop it
Who told you by raping the children it going to give you power
Destroying the children is that your desire
Parents, control your children, don’t leave them alone
Rape always happens when the child is alone
They are the future and the leaders of the universe
Give them the chance to grow up to the better ones
So whatever you are, this one is for everyone
The life of the children in this world is what I’m speaking on
I couldn’t take it any longer, my heart was burning on