Y Dios me Hizo Mujer

Antonia is a young and single mother with many dreams and aspirations. She has seen the bad conditions under which pregnant women in her community give birth and she is motivated to do something about it.

Y Dios me Hizo Mujer was developed to dignify the work of midwifes among community members. Media Impact helped develop a script to professionalize the image of midwifes.

In 1997 the Guanajuato State Government reported that 33% of the 4. 7 million inhabitants of the state live in approximately 10,000 rural villages, the majority of which have a population of less than 2500. Of this rural population, 98.9% live in poverty. In 2000, 18,832 babies were born to mother under the age of 20 in the state of Guanajuato – this constitutes 13.4% of all the state’s births in 2000.

Radio Reyna in the city Dolores Hidalgo

Targeted women ages 15 – 30 in San Miguel de Allende and neighboring regions, reaching over 50,000 people approximately.

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