“Wildlife Crime Just Got Personal.”

So begins the Wild For Life website, which invites viewers to pledge zero tolerance for wildlife trafficking, find their own kindred species, undergo a photo morph, and share it on their social media channels.

The core story of the brand is that the illegal trade in wildlife is closer to home than we think:

“THE ILLEGAL TRADE IN WILDLIFE is driving species to the brink of extinction while posing environmental, economic, development and security risks. But we can reverse this trend. Countries around the world, the United Nations, many other international and national organizations, businesses, governments and key opinion leaders are all working together to raise awareness, enact and enforce stronger laws, and step up support to local communities’ efforts to stop the illegal trade in wildlife.”

Learn more at https://wildfor.life/

Wildlife crime just got personal. Illegal wildlife trade is a major contributing factor endangered species are inching closer to extinction. Wildlife crime poses a universal threat to our environment, the economy, and global development and security. This campaign urges participation through a personality quiz that matches the consumer with an endangered species. By giving your name in support of the campaign and sharing it via multiple social media outlets, we can end illegal wildlife trade.

The campaign showcases species at the forefront of the endangered list: tigers, sea turtles, rosewood trees, pangolins, elephants, rhinos, orangutans, and hornbills.

To find out more and take the quiz visit: Wildfor.life

In its first phase, Wild For Life saw dramatic success. Over 30 ministries and politicians promoted the campaign; its direct social media output had 2.5 million total likes, comments and shares; 10, 000 individuals made explicit online pledges to act; and 40,000 people chose a species to champion and shared their morphs.

Its early success was largely thanks to the social-first strategy that drew in new audiences through a gamified quiz and morph tool, as well as through the following of individual UNEP Goodwill Ambassadors.

Gisele Bundchen’s online show of support is just one example of the role modeling which drew such a fan following:

“Today I’m joining the fight to save these endangered species everywhere. Please join me, find your kindred species on https://wildfor.life/quiz and help me to end the criminal trade of poaching that is pushing species to the brink of extinction.” [Post on Facebook supporting the UNEP Wild For Life campaign.]

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