Lazos Invisibles

Lazos Invisibles is a 16 episode radio drama used to highlight violence against women in Colombia due to the effects of a lasting civil war. Women have been largely displaced to bigger cities with the hope for economic stability. The media’s representation of the women has been lacking and thus delivered as powerless victims to the violence. PCI Media Impact is working to alter this illustration by using the radio shows to recount true stories of women who have experienced displacement and violence. This added perspective aims to mobilize community leaders to fight for a change in the actions of their community members.

Largely successful in the developmental stage, around 30 community leaders attended the preliminary workshops working to create the radio drama. These community leaders then created a workshop made available to community members. This workshop informed the people of the issue, our Entertainment-Education approach, and engaged the audience in drafting a series of stories and characters. Over the course of a few days in September 2014, these workshops gathered residents from the ages of 8 to 70. Together, they developed a radio drama relatable to the Colombian people.

After receiving the Peace Projects Grant from The Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF), the Lazos Invisibles project began to draft their plan of action with members of the community. From the months of July-December 2015, members worked to produce and broadcast the 16 episode radio drama, complete and distribute program listening guides, and held workshops to assist in the development, distribution, and the effects of the program.

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