Ciudad Espesa: Voces Nuestras (Our Voices)

Located somewhere in Latin America, lies Dark City, an indifferent cosmopolitan city plagued by big businesses, bribery, blackmail and scams. When Margarita, a student at the University who leads a double life as an exotic dancer, is murdered, her friends Ursula and Pacheco develop a plan to catch her suspected killer. In their quest, the team must overcome prejudice, fear and corruption to stand up for what is right.

Central to the Our Voices program is a 45-episode Entertainment-Education serial drama that promotes democracy and pluralism, called Dark City. It also is adapted for Quechua and Aymara audiences, reflects society’s prejudices and unhealthy relationships, and sheds a light on the need for civic participation, communication and diversity. Drawing on stories gathered in meetings with audiences in cities throughout Bolivia, Dark City captures and represents the real life experiences and stories of its listeners and how they survive in a climate of political corruption, exclusion and intolerance. Because of this process, the audience identifies with the characters and adopts the behavior changes promoted in the drama. The program, Our Voices, uses Media Impact’s three-pronged My Community approach to social change: our national serial drama (Dark City), local radio talk shows and community mobilization campaigns. Our Voices aims to strengthen the capacity of 72 politically independent radio stations throughout Bolivia to continue their work to support and meet the needs of their community.

The themes of the drama and its style were developed by Percy Jiménez, Soledad Ardaya, Enrique Gorena and Claudia Gorena Eid, a team of playwrights, actors, and theater directors selected through a nation-wide competition.  The EE methodology had a positive influence on the more traditional and formal informative radios stations. The methodology allowed them to reach a younger audience. The mobilization campaign activities such as concerts, discussions, fairs, college debates, theatrical events, dances, etc. were very effective thanks to the creativity of the Ciudad Espesa story.

Universidad Católica Boliviana (Servicio de Capacitación en Radio y Televisión para el Desarrollo -SECRAD
Radio Alternativa – CEPJA
Radio Alternativa – CEPJA
Radio Atipiri
Radio Bambu
Radio Bocina San Isidro
Radio Camargo
Radio Cepra
Radio Comunitaria Panqara
Radio Comunitaria Yotaú
Radio Cumbre
Radio Cultural
Radio Difusoras Copacabana
Radio Encuentro
Radio Enlace
Radio Fides (CAAMPO)
Radio Fides Cobija
Radio Ixiamas
Radio Kancha Parlaspa
Radio Kancha Parlaspa
Radio Magnal
Radio Melodía
Radio Norte Riberalta
Radio Patuju
Radio Tomás Katari de América
Radio Voces-Tarija
Radio 13 de Noviembre
Sistema de Comunicación Qhana
Radio Sur Agricultura

According to the surveys taken by the members of the Our Voices network, 100% felt they received the training necessary to understand the methodology of Entertainment-Education and are interested in applying the methodology in their work as radio broadcasters and communicators. The 53 radio stations concluded their broadcasts by mid July, 2012. Each radio station led a closing event in their communities, this in addition to the mobilization campaigns.

Media Impact hosted workshops for radio stations across the region to introduce the EE methodology. It is now considered a new way to do radio. The lively participation of 500 young adults and children as hosts for the EE radio magazine,  500 people participated in the mobilization campaigns, and 150 in the learning workshop. At the same time, hosts of different genders and cultural background contributed to the promotion of diversity. Our Voices is a national three-year program which seeks to strengthen the capacity of community radio stations to produce relevant programs and engage listeners.  (

Link: Documentary video of the program: (subtitled) 30min

“Telling Stories (Saving Lives)”


Link: Documentary video of the program: (subtitled) 10min

“Telling Stories (Saving Lives)”


Link: Trailer -cartoon- “Dark City”(subtitled)

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