Voces de la Niebla (Voices from the Mist)

Our story begins when Jacinta returns to Villa Cerrito, where she was born 23 years ealier. She is very happy because she has just received her a Master of Arts while living in the capital. Her academic background has given her the skills to promote the advancement of her community. Her dream is to teach.

As a child Jacinta loved flowers, she talked with them and she even made flowers out of paper, her grandpa Romualdo tells us. Romualdo suffered a stroke and no longer can speak in real life, however he narrates the story, an omniscient voice, who also feels the suffering and pleasure of the flowers.

He tells us that Jacinta’s life in Villa Cerrito, appears to be going very well, she falls in love with Julio, a rich, young, business man, son of Don Bartolo, a leader who has brought wealth to the community. We will soon discover that Bartolo is partners with Clemente, a dishonest, logger who also traffics animals.

Romualdo will tell us of Jacinta’s visit to Playa Tiburon to visit her grandpa, her aunt Amanda and cousin, Polo, where she realizes that her family, and all the fisherman families are suffering. Children get sick easily, and men abandon the sea and resort to alcoholism and sadness. Some curse the sky for their luck; the older generations tell stories from olden days, when the marshes were overflowing with fish and shrimp.

This reality upsets Jacinta and she devotes herself discovering the true cause of all this misery at Playa Tiburon much misery in Shark Beach. She discovers that the hardship comes from the highlands, from Villa Cerrito, and even higher up from Monteverde, because of all the deforestation and irresponsible farming practices. She learns that the Earth is all one “if you hit your foot your head will hurt as will your heart.” Jacinta discovers that her own people, and worse, the man she fell in love with participate in the bad practices that affect the low land water sheds. He will tell us how Jacinta unravels the bad things in her community, the dangers she will face, the murder of his beloved dog….

Tune in to find out more!

The Biosphere Reserves of El Triunfo, La Sepultura and La Encrucijada are located within the Sierra Madre and along the Chiapas coast. These areas protect forests that supply and provide fresh water throughout Mexico, as well as provide habitat for endemic, rare and endangered species. Because of forest fires, illegal logging, agricultural practices, road building, natural disasters, human settlements and mining, the reserves suffer from deforestation, mudslides, and landslides. As a result, the water quality and supply and the region’s biodiversity are jeopardized. Public attention is needed to support conservation efforts.

In partnership with TNC/FONCET and USFWS, the “Voces de la Niebla” (Voices from the Mist) program pivots on a 16-episode radio serial drama that aims to develop the capacity of a coalition of organizations to use communications effectively to promote water and biosphere conservation, build a well-informed and engaged community of organizations supporting conservation and change knowledge, attitudes and behaviors of key target audiences of seven priority communities for conservation, to implement practices that reduce deforsteration and environmental conservation, address climate change, restore natural systems and maintain ecosystems. The team is now working on the second phase of the program and will be launching a theater production at the world renowned zoo in Chiapas called the Zoomat.

Fondo Semilla de Agua
Sistema Chiapaneco
Secretaria de Media Ambiente
Instituto para el Desarrollo Sustentable de Mesoamérica

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