Vibra Chiapas

Unlike Media Impact’s traditional Entertainment-Education programs, Vibra Chiaps consists of talk shows in radio and television which provides an open platform for participants (viewers and listeners) to call in.

Vibra Chiapas consists of radio and television magazines and events developed by our partners in Chiapas. The magazines and events are designed with and for youth and promote a wide variety of issues. Main highlighted topics include sexual and reproductive health, sexual and reproductive rights, HIV and AIDS, gender equality, tolerance, and diversity. Vibra Chiapas brings together local musicians, athletes and artists as well as thematic experts that discuss main issues with the audience. Vibra Chiapas produced 80 radio programs and 18 TV shows.  Additionally, events draw attention to most pressing community issues and the program produced 19 concerts or festivals. The festivals were a great location to promote and communicate health related issues.

Sistema Chapaneco de Radio, Television y Cinematografía
DIF – Sistema para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia

As part of its objective to promote sexual and reproductive health among adolescents in Chiapas, local service providers promoted their services and products among the festivals’ participants.  62,000 people attended the events, where 2,094 HIV tests were administered and 38,750 male condoms and 8,945 female condoms were distributed.

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