¡Vamos a La Fija!

Vamos a La Fija narrates the history of a group of youth in the Las Palmeras neighborhood within the fictitious city of Villasol, located in southern Colombia. The characters discuss complex situations of love and friendship, learning to value their rights and to make responsible life decisions.

Vamos a La Fija is a youth program that includes a radio serial produced by and broadcast for youth in the South of Colombia. The program promotes sexual and reproductive health, communication between generations, and the political participation of young people in their communities.

An estimated 160,000 individuals were living with HIV and AIDS in Colombia in 2005. 28% of women (between 15 and 49 years old) are believed to be living with HIV and AIDS in 2005. HIV and AIDS was linked to 8,2000 deaths in 2005. 8,200: Estimated number of deaths caused by HIV and AIDS in 2005.

Fundación Colombia Multicolor
el Sistema Nacional de Comunicaciones para la Paz (SIPAZ)

Targets adolescents and youth, ages 12-25. Broadcasts began in two sites (Neiva and Belén de los Andaquíes), and will be expanded regionally through SIPAZ in 2008.

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