Tim Tim

Tim Tim aims to shed light on unhealthy practices and offer solutions to problems the region is facing. North and North-Eastern Haiti are extremely poor regions of the country and thus are prone to issues such as malnutrition, gender-based violence, cholera, and the deterioration and destruction of natural resources. Tim Tim uses the Entertainment-Education approach to explore these issues and develop programming that prompts audiences to ask questions and adopt new behaviors.

North-Eastern Haiti is suffering from the highest malnutrition rates in the country, 32.9% of the population experience chronic malnutrition. Nearly 1/3 of citizens are directly affected. The radio drama aims to offer healthy solutions and alternative practices to ensure problematic practices do not continue. Episodes discuss the lack of nutritional knowledge among new and expecting mothers and stress seeking medical advice. They highlight Haiti’s six-year cholera epidemic, adding safe hygiene practices to decrease the spread of the virus. Important dialogues regarding the high rates of violence women and girls experience are discussed, stressing violence is wrong, and referencing where to seek help. Haiti’s high-risk of natural disasters does not promote an ideal platform for building. Tim Tim outlines safe building regulations while informing the communities the dangers of deforestation.

Partnering with Oxfam and Profamil, PCI Media Impact is continuously working in Haiti to implement new practices that combat various health concerns through our Entertainment-Education approach. Based on a successful 20-episode first season launched in 2015, Tim Tim will continue to discuss the following issues plaguing Haiti: cholera, disaster risk reduction, family planning and reproductive health. The radio drama is broadcast throughout North and North-Eastern Haiti as well as in the capital of Port-au-Prince.

Taking great care to ensure the characters on Tim Tim are relatable, PCI Media Impact and our partners worked with different communities in Haiti to cultivate the radio drama. The program was developed, and is now running, with the people of the community at the forefront. Using workshops to master the Entertainment-Education model, the characters and storyline of all Tim Tim episodes are created and acted by the community.

Season 2 of Tim Tim consists of 35 episodes, broadcasting from late April 2016. Call in shows following the drama allow the audience to dialogue and work through the issues that affect their family and community. This approach ensures the product is engaging to the audience, connecting them with accessible resources and sparking interpersonal communication. The call in show features knowledgeable community members and experts in the field regarding each discussion topic. Tim Tim will also begin use of “Frontline SMS,” a hotline service that will engage listeners, serving primarily as a monitoring and evaluation tool to gather the knowledge and behaviors of audience members and how they are affected by the radio show. This approach will enable us to continuously track the progress of Tim Tim.

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