Asi Somos (This is How We Are)

Damian, Julia and Mirian continue to participate in their school’s ECOCLUB, led by the charismatic Profe Pia. With each passing year, the young students start experiencing changes in their bodies and experimenting with their new-found sexuality. Some receive guidance about how to navigate these changes at home, while others, unfortunately, do not.

There are some new members in the ECOCLUB this year. Two new students, Bryan and Alex, arrive in Pampa Pelada from the big city. They quickly enter into a sinister bet to “conquer” as many local girls as possible, targeting their efforts at Mirian and Julia.

Added to this stress are the sexual overtones of their teacher, Maximo. See how this season plays out when love battles lust and parents learn the importance of openly communicating with their children.

Get My Back is a radio drama that aims to increase awareness on issues related to sexual health, such as teenage pregnancy, sexual harassment in school, and generational communication.
According to Planned Parenthood Federation, about 30 percent of the population of Ecuador — mostly poor, rural, and indigenous — has no access to even the most basic health care, and a lack of contraceptive use among adolescents contributes to nearly one in 10 adolescents giving birth each year.

Almost half of Ecuadorian girls do not finish high school, and 90% of indigenous and Afro-Ecuadorian children live in poverty. Situations such as these create an environment that breeds social problems for youth in Ecuador. Anti-social conduct, drug consumption, teen pregnancy and prostitution, gangs, and increasing violence are growing problems in Ecuador’s urban areas.

Radio Integración
Municipalities from Celica and Pindal
Environmental Ministry
Six local schools
Ministry of Education

400,000 people; national rebroadcast: 1.3 million people.

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