The What We Want

“The What We Want” (My Campus – My Community)

Ari is in his freshman year at UCLA and has a huge crush on Taylor, the witty, attractive sophomore who everyone wants to hook up with, but is unsure of how to get her to “put out,” as his frat brothers phrase it.

After a year of playing the field, Taylor finds herself looking for more out of the men she dates, and seeks advice from a wise teacher’s assistant on how to balance her romantic life.

With the pressures of college work and social norms pushing and pulling at them, Ari and Taylor must struggle to get what they want from themselves, their university, and each other.

In 2013 and again in 2014, PCI Media Impact partnered with Professor David Gere and the UCLA Art & Global Health Center to design and facilitate a 5-week workshop entitled “Soap Operas for Social Change.” Throughout this intensive course, students designed and produced an E-E serial drama, which included scriptwriting, casting, acting, film production, and editing.

In response to the White House’s crackdown on sexual assault on college campuses, the UCLA students in the class created a 4-part web series on the subject, entitled “The What We Want.” In addition to writing, casting, acting in, and producing the web series, students also created an on-campus campaign for promoting it to their community and a facilitator discussion guide for Resident Advisors and teachers to use when screening “The What We Want” for students and student health clinicians.

The Art and Global Health Center
The UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Wellness Center

The UCLA Arthur Ashe Student Wellness Center, the university’s official student clinic, has agreed to use “The What We Want” as promotional and educational material for their sexual-health services.

UCLA’s Office of Residential Life has added “The What We want” as part of an event series for over 5,000 incoming freshman students annually.
Evaluation results underscore the success of this initial workshop as well as the expressed collective interest of students to expand the program for future engagement in Spring 2015. Highlights and key findings include:
• “This class was amazing. I hope it returns soon.”
• 88.2% agreed that the workshop content was not only interesting but also useful for their career
• “Make the course longer. It would be amazing to see what 10 weeks could produce.”
• 82.4% of all participants agreed that the workshop materials were engaging and entertaining
• “The class was so well organized. The PCI Media Impact team set the pace for us to run on our own time schedule appropriately.”
• 88.2% of all participants agreed that their knowledge on sexual health expanded
• “The awesome part about the content is that we created it. We were given the skeleton and collectively filled it up with the right stuff to make it come alive and function.”
• 82.4% of all participants agreed that the workshop expanded their creativity
• “Great balance of theory and practice”

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