Pachaimama Waija (Taking Care of Our Mother Earth)
(Ayacucho, Peru)

In Sarallagta children are developing health problems.

Humberto, a teacher, contributes to the healthy development of the district. He involves his students in organizing cleaning campaigns as well as promoting the radio drama created by Rosa, the president of the Technical Committee on Solid Waste Management.

Edwin runs the Environment Health Center and has a daughter, Jenny. He is against his daughter helping to protect the environment and prohibits her from radio trainings.

Raul, a farmer, is Julia’s husband. Raul has two children, Pepe and Maria, who oppose the positive change Humberto is trying to ignite. Julia, inspired by Humberto, participates in cleaning campaigns. Sparks fly when the town has to come together to manage the local health clinic and take charge of their environment and their health.

Pachamamanchikta Wagauchasun is a radio drama designed to strengthen the knowledge concerning the separation and final disposal of trash. Geared towards school age children, the program focuses on environmental protection and improvements in health.

In the district of Secclla, average solid waste production per person per year is 110.16 Kg. The population is misinformed about the dangers of toxic waste. They dump waste into the rivers, springs, ditches, and onto public roads. The poor practices in environmental protection result in pollution and gastro-intestinal diseases, especially in children younger than 5 years old, causing chronic child malnutrition. Health Unlimited in Peru found that 84% of children tested in Secclla had parasites.

Salud Sin Limites
Municipality of Secclla

25,000 people in Huancavelica, Peru

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