Strong Women, Strong Voices
(Colombia, Peru, Bolivia)

Colombia: Juntadó Historias del Río/Juntado, Stories of the River

Juntado, Stories of the River is an emotional story about the daily tragedies and joys an Afro-Colombian community. The drama celebrates life and the way in which Sara, Yisela and other women from Juntado confront the violence and machismo rooted in their customs, as well as the abuse and the complicity provoked by the presence of those involved in the armed conflict.

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Peru: T’ikarinaykipaq Warmi/ To Blossom as a Woman

To Blossom as a Woman is a tapestry of stories acted in a mix of Spanish and Quechua. The stories take place in the city of Tres de Mayo and Saymallata. In Tres de Mayo, Rosa challenges the daily prejudices and instances of abuse and sexual violence. The rural community of Saymallaqta overflows with entanglements and misunderstanding from the moment Juana dares to assume a leadership role, contrary to the wishes of her husband and other community members.

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Bolivia: Raíces de la Violencia/Roots of Violence

Roots of Violence tells of the adventures of love and friendship experienced by a group of adolescents from Chenko, a city that is haphazardly and chaotically growing. Lucho, Laura, Wara, Paola and the rest of the group are entwined in situations marked by domestic violence, child abuse, blackmail, traditional machismo and sexual assault.

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Click on this link to listen to Raíces de la Violencia SEASON 2!

Strong Women, Strong Voices is a program implemented in partnership with Diakonia in Peru, Colombia and Bolivia, led by national coalitions of partners. Each national coalition wrote and produced a 48-episodes Entertainment-Education radio drama (seasons 1 and 2), supporting radio call-in shows, and discussion guides designed to empower women, tackle cultural norms that promote violence against women and provide access to women-friendly services.

Open Society Foundation
Gregorai Apaza
Centro de la Muejer Peruana Flora Tristán
Red de Comunicadores Rurales
Red Departamental de Mujeres Chocoanas

This multifaceted program has already had an incredibly impact on the communities in which the projects are implemented. The story produced in Colombia, Juntadó: Historias de Río (Stories of the River), reaches an audience of 70,000. In Bolivia, Raíces de la Violence (Roots of Violence) reaches 500,000 listeners, specifically targeting adolescents and younger children in the city of El Alto. And in Peru, T’ikarinaykipaq Warmi (To Blossom as a Woman) reaches an audience of almost 400,000, targeting both males and females in rural and urban areas of Urumbamba and parts of Cusco and Apurímac.

For the program in Peru alone, over 250 people were involved as direct beneficiaries, including workshop, production and audience participants, special guests, local organizations, public organizations, and people who participated in the fairs. The indirect beneficiaries include our potential audience of 400,000 people, which constitutes 44% of the total population in Cusco and Apurimac.

Media Impact has also held a successful E-E Radio Magazine Workshop in which teams of producers, hosts and directors worked to identify and reinforce positive production methods and improve upon the successes of other teams. The workshop has allowed the radio magazines to be designed and planned under the E-E methodology in all three selected locations: Distrito 8 in El Alto, Bolivia; Quibdo in El Choco, Colombia; and Urubamba in Cusco, Peru. The workshop helped build local capacity and strengthen the sense that communication initiatives are part of international efforts being made to combat violence against women.

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