Staying Well in Camberwell

Restaurant owner and single mom Gabby Dubois is struggling to take care of her family and her business. She is a hardworking mom that faces to defend her down home cooking against rising politician Martin Elliot. Her son Daniel loves his video games and could use some exercise but is not allowed to walk around in the neighborhood. Gabby’s mum has her own agenda and develops match-maker ambitions for her daughter.

Martin Elliot is running for mayor and aims to transform Camberwell into a fit and healthy town. His wife Jocelyn promises to support her husband, but struggles more than expected when she quits smoking. Amber is the teen daughter of Martin and Jocelyn and tired of the 24/7 talk of politics.

Radio personality and club owner Bravo Bob is always stirring the pot. He shows openly his resentment against the health movement and the fact that he had an affair with Jocelyn does not help to improve the relationship to the mayoral candidate Martin.

Set in a fictitious town, Staying Well in Camberwell is an innovative radio soap opera that gives listeners important information about staying healthy. This unique serial drama educates and entertains! As a health promotion drama, the episodes revolve around common health concerns such as: smoking addiction, smoking in public, addiction, street safety, exercise, diabetes, diet and nutrition, and food preparation.

In the soap opera setting, these health issues are interwoven with the personal stories of the characters. Listeners follow the life’s of Gabby Dubois, Martin Elliot, and Bravo Bob. The main target audience are African-American residents living in Alabama. Alabama has the nation’s highest rates of diabetes (13% are diagnosed with diabetes) and is the second most obese state (70% are obese or overweight).

The 48-episode radio drama promotes healthy behavior changes around smoking, street safety, exercising, and healthy eating. The radio drama was integrated in a radio magazine to interact with the target audience, provide expert opinons, and reinforce health messages. The intervention website links to the episodes and supports behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices.

Frequent Staying Well in Camberwell listeners were more likely than seldom listeners to report that Staying Well in Camberwell influenced them to discuss smoking cessation, street safety, start or increase physical activity, and healthy eating.

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