Sin Arrugar (Don’t Back Down)

The student-produced, directed, and written film Sin Arrugar is an honest portrayal of some of the most significant issues facing Peruvian youth today: school dropout and teenage pregnancy. Sergio is a young man who needs to work to support his family since his father left them years ago, and therefore is struggling to keep up with his schoolwork. He eventually misses so much school he must repeat his grade. Sergio’s friend, Sharon, offers to help him study so he can keep up, but Sharon soon becomes enamored with Sergio’s older brother, Victor, who seduces Sharon but leaves her when she becomes pregnant. Scared and alone, Sharon is subjected to cruel taunts and bullying from her so-called “friends,” abuse from her father, and a teacher attempting to kick her out of school since she’s a “bad influence” on the other children. Sin Arrugar follows the interwoven stories of Sergio and Sharon as they support each other through difficulties, find support systems within their communities, and develop strategies to continue their lives and their education despite these new challenges.

The Women and Girls Lead Global Campaign (WGLG) is an innovative public media campaign designed to celebrate, educate, and activate women, girls, and their allies across the globe to address the challenges of the 21st century launched by ITVS, USAID, the Ford Foundation and Care. The Campaign is active in 9 countries and PCI Media Impact is facilitating the campaign in Peru.

Under the auspices of WGLG and their campaign “The Time Is Now!” in Peru, PCI MediaImpact applied the My Community methodology, utilizing participatory methods to create and produce an EE audiovisual series driven by the talent, stories and voices of adolescents and youth of Pucallpa.

The audiovisual series will be comprised of 3 episodes and will be accompanied by a discussion guide to be used to foster public debate in schools and public spaces on the topics of school dropout and adolescent pregnancy.

This is an ongoing program and final evaluations have yet to be processed.

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