Reviviendo Con el Cañas (Reviving the Cañas River)

Caty is a young girl who decides to create a cleanup campaign for her community once her professor, Delia, identifies that their community members are becoming ill from the contaminated water in their local river. Caty and Sebastian are dating and organize a cleanup campaign for their school and community after their friend Mariana dies due to an illness contracted from the contaminated river water. The couple is faced with problems such as jealous peers that try to split them up and conniving community members, who are against the cleanup campaign.

Media Impact is produced this program to promote management of household wastes, conservation of the local Canes river, and communication between the native and rural members of the community to sustain waste management efforts.

Colombians produce 27,000 tons of garbage a day and are facing the repercussions of not disposing of it effectively. Since the 1950s, 85% of Colombia’s forests have been cut down and that has resulted in reducing the volume of water generation to sustain the agricultural economy.

Fundación Pro Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta
Radio Libertad
Radio Delfín
La Voz del Cañaguate

Targeted 124 families and 1,200 youths that reside near the Farm Education Center in the town Mingueo. The radio program reached 2,000,000 listeners from Mingueo, Barranquilla, Cartagena de India, and Monteria.

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