Promesas y Traiciones

In the center of this story is Evelyn, a teenage girl who dreams of a better life and her struggle to make it a reality. Evelyn is an exceptional teenager, intelligent and tenacious. She is persistent and aims to realize her dreams, but she may have to sacrifice her goals for a loved one.

Evelyn’s dream is shared by her adoring father Esteban a hard working man who strives to give his daughter the opportunities he never had in his native homeland Mexico. The family struggles to build a life for themselves as undocumented immigrants in America. Health issues increase the burden and they face the dangers of diabetes, tobacco addiction and harmful exposure to second hand smoke.

Promesas y Traiciones is an innovative radio soap opera that gives listeners important information about staying healthy. This unique serial drama educates and entertains! As a health promotion drama, the episodes revolve around common health concerns such as: diabetes, tobacco addiction, obesity, and general health.

In the soap opera setting, these health issues are interwoven with the personal stories of the characters. Listeners follow the life of Evelyn and her family.  The main target audience are Hispanic immigrants living in Alabama. Alabama has the nation’s highest rates of diabetes (13% are diagnosed with diabetes) and is the second most obese state (70% are obese or overweight).

The 48-episode radio drama promotes healthy behaviors such as disease management, health screening, quitting smoking, exercising, and healthy eating. The radio drama was integrated in a radio magazine to interact with the target audience, provide expert opinons, and reinforce health messages. The intervention website links to trusted health resources, supports behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices.

Promesas y Traiciones increased the attendance of the target population at health fairs and health screenings.

Promesas y Traiciones had approximately 50,000 listeners per episode and 15 – 20 call-ins per radio magazine. The listenership was equally divided in male and female listeners. Radio mangers and owners expressed their need and desire for more episodes based on the audience’s reaction.

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