Polio “Switch” Campaign

In an effort to promote the 2013 World Health Assembly’s global plan to eradicate polio worldwide, a doctor discusses the switch to an updated polio vaccine. Achievement of this goal requires help from all individuals involved in the promotion of health care including policy markers, community leaders, and health care workers. There are three videos in the series.

The number of children paralyzed by polio has been reduced by 90% in the past 30 years. The next step is to completely eradicate the disease. In 2013 the World Health Assembly developed a global plan to achieve this goal by switching from an oral vaccine to an improved injection. Effective communication of this switch is necessary to encourage populations around the world to accept the new vaccine. PCI Media Impact partnered with Firdaus Kharas to create a series of three animations breaking down this complex and technical switch so it is more understandable to a wider audience.

The new vaccine omits type 2 polio, a form of the disease that has not seen a case in 15 years. Omitting the type 2 virus from the vaccine, and properly destroying all samples of the virus (now only held in labs for the creation of the old vaccines), will bring the world one step closer to complete eradication. The new bivalent injection must completely replace the old trivalent oral vaccination in all health care facilities around the world by May 1, 2016. No matter the size or location of the facility, the switch is necessary to move forward into a world without polio. Following this step is to provide polio vaccinations in all routine immunizations for children. This will increase the number of children vaccinated and decrease the number of children who develop the virus. Gradually eliminating the oral vaccination completely and replacing it with injections is the final step in the switch.

Participation on all levels is necessary in achieving this goal. Support from world leaders, health officials, policy makers, and community members is needed to empower families to continue vaccinations. The use of animation for behavior and social change has proven effective while enabling a vast audience to be reached. The animations will be circulated globally from government to community levels.

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