Vivir Bonito: A Orillas de la Esperanza (On the Banks of Hope)
(Anolaima, Colombia)

After the death of Don José Isaías, his heirs, Mariana de los Angeles and Juan Ernesto, are pressured by Don Epifanio Ochoa to sell him their land. He conspires with his children, friends and corrupted public officials to remove the heirs from the land, using every means possible.

At the same time, a group of women interested in environmental issues experience the stigma that comes from working in recycling and environmental conservation. And at the local school, students and teachers are torn between being fashionable and successfully managing solid waste. Gradually, though, both youth and adults realize it is possible to live beautiful lives only while working together for a cleaner environment.

On the Banks of Hope is a radio drama designed to inspire and empower the community to engage in sustainable waste management activities and take pride in their community and land.
Globalization often marginalizes rural populations, especially rural farmers who are forced to abandon their traditional production practices. In Anolaima, Colombia, these cultural changes have caused residents to disconnect from their community. But Corporación Tierrafertil, Radio Ecos de Rosarios and PCI  Media Impact are working to revive these important traditions.

Grupo de Antropología Médica Crítica
Pontificia Universidad Javeriana

13,000 people reached.

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