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The Ndovu Music Contest and festival was envisioned as a participatory event that inspired global musicians to take on elephant conservation through their music and Kenyan audiences to take action to protect elephants. The contest sought songs produced by musicians worldwide, both established artists and promising new talent, which addressed the many threats facing elephants and called on audiences to take action.

The Issue: During the past 10 years there has been an explosion in the illegal ivory trade, with more than 35,000 elephants killed in 2012 and a record 38.8 tons of ivory seized in 2011. Poaching has made parts of Africa insecure and has diminished key job sectors such as tourism, a vital source of income for Kenya. At the current rate of poaching, elephants are predicted to become extinct within just 10 years.

Program Summary: Our partner WildlifeDirect works to stop elephant poaching and ivory trafficking in Kenya through their existing “Hands Off Our Elephants” campaign. The campaign seeks to make poaching a socially unacceptable behavior, promotes incentives for elephant conservation, and increases awareness on the ills of ivory trade in key ports through which ivory is trafficked. Building upon this work, PCI Media Impact and WildlifeDirect have launched a global, anti-poaching themed Ndovu Music Contest hosted in Kenya. The program is leveraging the support of Kenya’s famous Hip-Hop singer, Juliani, to promote this program throughout his large fan base and become an ambassador for its mission.

The program launched a global call for songs for musical artists to submit their own songs addressing elephant conservation. A panel of qualified judges chose top winners who then received a cash prize, performed their winning songs at a televised event, and entered production for a CD and music video of their winning songs while receiving hands-on coaching from Kenya’s Juliani. A cash prize was also given to one international winner not based in Kenya. For more information on the Ndovu Music Contest, please go to: www.ndovumusic.com.

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