Gaguie the Gorilla Campaign

An innovative, creative communications campaign in partnership with Parcs Gabon (ANPN) to saturate popular culture, build awareness and change attitudes with regard to the environment. Gaguie-for-Gabon will leverage the existing brand of Gaguie-the-gorilla – a fictitious gorilla created as the mascot for the Orange Africa Cup of Nations 2012 – on behalf of Gabon’s conservation concerns. In essence, Gaguie will act as an Ambassador for the environment. This campaign will turn up the volume on Gabon’s conservation debate, and work toward shifting cultural values in favor of conservation.

Four thousand specially designed Gaguie t-shirts, caps, and stickers with conservation messages were distributed to Gabonese football fans attending the CAN 2012 semi-final and final held in Libreville. COCAN reported that these materials were highly appreciated by those who received them, in particular because of the conservation messages.

Eleven “Gaguie’s World” newspaper articles – covering a range of conservation and environmental issues such as endangered species and climate change – have been produced and are ready for publication in l’Union and Gabon Matin, Gabon’s most popular daily newspapers. The final article is a call to action from Gaguie, listing 11 actions every Gabonese person can take to help protect nature.  The 11 articles are attached as an appendix to this proposal.

Ten “Gaguie’s World” television debates were broadcast by RTG1 – Gabon’s national television and radio station – on the primetime morning show “Mbolo le Gabon” (“Good Morning Gabon”) each day for two weeks.  The debates covered similar themes to the 11 “Gaguie’s World” newspaper articles. RTG1 reported a high level of positive feedback from viewers calling in asking for more such programs.

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Parcs Gabon (ANPN)

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