My Youth-My Community: Teenage Pregnancy and Reproductive Health

Amor en Bujuy:

In the last year, adolescents from the youth regional council in Ucayali have produced a 12-chapter radio drama “Amor en Bujuy” and were trained on how to facilitate radio discussion programs for which they produced discussion guides that other youth would be able to use to replicate the process. Between the 7th and 13th of July, UNFPA hosted a Gala to celebrate “Amor en Bujuy,” the first ever radio drama to be entirely produced and broadcast in the region of Sepahua- by youth, no less. During the Gala, participants were recognized for their involvement in the creation and production of the drama, the first chapter of the drama was premiered, and participants shared their experiences in the process thus far. Just after the Gala, youth were trained on how to design and implement their own community mobilization strategies to inspire other youth in their communities to demand that their sexual and reproductive health rights be respected. “Amor en Bujuy” will be on the air until the end of the year and accompanied by radio discussion programs and community mobilization activities.

Cuando el Amor Agarra/When Love Takes Hold (Ayacucho)

“Cuando el Amor Agarra” tells the experiences of a group of adolescents from the high school “General Honores” in the town of San Fermin. Diego, Andrea, Marilyn, and Anahi discover love and will need to make difficult decisions about their first sexual experiences, the possibility of unwanted pregnancies, and issues of domestic violence. Diego finds himself in a crossroads and needs to decide if he will continue on a path towards machismo with his friends or recognize his sincere love and admiration for Andrea. Andrea is strugggling with the incomprehension of her father, an authority figure who is obsessed with discipline and appearance. Meanwhile, Marilyn and Anahi share the anguish and distress of unwanted pregnancies and attempt to defy the stigma and prejudices in their high school, finding support from a teacher who will help them learn how to handle their situations.

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Paginas de Amor/Pages of Love (Ucayali)

“Pagines de Amor” recounts the adventures of love and friendship in a group of adolescents. Patty is in love with Luis, despite her father’s disapproval of their relationship. Mayara, Luis’s ex-lover, is scheming against Patty and Luis’s relationship because she doesn’t like that her ex-lover is in love with another girl.

Luis doesn’t know how to manage the situation with Mayara. After hearing the advice of Pepe, he believes he can date both girls at once. Meanwhile, Carlos declares his love for Andrea and begins a secret relationship, fearing his parents won’t understand. Under the influence of his friends, Carlos begins to keep a watchful eye on Andrea, controlling her life, to enforce his masculinity in the relationship. At the beginning, Andrea accepts Carlos’ attitude, believing it is a way to express his love, but the time will come when the situation becomes unbearable for her. Will our characters learn to make their own decisions, defying the pressures of others? Will they find the path of communication and mutual respect in each of their relationships? Will their parents and teachers understand their predicaments and guide them toward an independent future?

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Since 2011, PCI Media Impact has worked to address serious sexual and reproductive health issues in Peru in close partnership with United Nations Family Planning Association (UNFPA). In response to the enormous problem of teenage pregnancy in Peru, the Peruvian Ministry of Health, following the Andean Plan of Teenage Pregnancy Prevention (PEA) instituted by UNFPA, developed a similar plan in 2007 to strengthen the leadership capacity of adolescents and youth organizations within the youth regional councils in the districts of Sepahua and Ayacucho to improve Peruvian sexual health conditions. The government has issued guidelines (the Adolescent Health Policy Guidelines, 2005) to facilitate adolescents’ access to information about family planning and contraception.
In support of these efforts, PCI Media Impact partnered with the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in a communications intervention strategy (My Youth-My Community: Teenage Pregnancy and Reproductive Health), designed to strengthen communication and advocacy skills of youth organizations and youth leaders to reduce teenage pregnancy and promote sexual and reproductive health rights of adolescents in Peru by influencing public policy.

In Ayacucho, with a team of CRAJPEA was created and produced the drama “When Love Grabs” (14 chapters) which was broadcast on the radio magazine “Zonadolescente” twice a week, between September and November 2011. Additionally, and to expand its audience, the drama was broadcast daily by another radio station. The team of CRAJPEA formed  program listeners clubs in educational institutions, where they also did information fairs on sexual and reproductive health.

In Ucayali, involving young actors, writers and producers of CRAJUPEA, was produced the drama “Love Pages” (16 chapters). This series aired between August and November 2011 on “Radiolescentes.” During this time, the team of CRAJUPEA kept interaction with his audience mainly through Facebook and mobile telephony: promoting storytelling, consultations to experts, opinions on discussion topics, etc.


In September 2012, the first Good Practice Competition was successfully launched throughout UNFPA, with a focus on adolescents and youth. The program My Community: Young People Who tell Stories to Inspire Changes for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention won as best practice for Latin America and the Caribbean. In addition, this program was recognized as a UNFPA top five global practice for Adolescence and Youth among dozens of experiences presented by 40 UNFPA offices worldwide. “My Community for Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention” will be featured in a UNFPA book and the awards were presented as part of Global Youth Forum in Bali, Indonesia


Salud sin Limites Peru
Health Poverty Action – Huamanga
CRAJPEA (Regional Collective of Adolescents and Young People for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention, Ayacucho)
Dirección Regional de Educación de Ayacucho
Dirección Regional de Salud de Ayacucho
CRAJUPEA (Regional Council of Adolescents and Young People of Ucayali for the Teen Pregnancy Prevention)
Dirección Regional de Educación de Ucayali
Dirección Regional de Salud de Ucayali
OJS Dejando Huellas, Ucayali

Greater public recognition of the groups of young people and their initiatives

Both groups strengthened their public leadership, like AFIRMA Rocio, a young leader of Ayacucho. Without the My Community program, many young people would not have entered our program. We work towards preventing teen pregnancy, we advocate and we are kids, just like them. Sixty people form this group of listeners.

The recognition of CRAJPEA (Ayacucho) increased from 14% to 36%, while the knowledge of CRAJUPEA (Ucayali) increased from 12% to 86%.

The knowledge of the Regional Ordinance Initiative of CRAJPEA (Ayacucho) increased from 29% to 49% and the initiative of CRAJUPEA (Ucayali) increased from 11% to 86%.

Adolescents bettered their knowledge on sexual and reproductive rights

There was a positive impact on the knowledge of adolescents on key issues about how to exercise their rights.In Ayacucho, the knowledge about Integral Sexual Education rose from 64% to 85%. In Ucayali, the knowledge of the legal norm which penalized sexual relations of adolescents increased from 19% to 47%.

To learn more about Young People Who Tell Stories to Inspire Change, take a look at our comprehensive program overview written in Spanish.

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