Montaña de Pasiones

A rural community around the mountain organizes to stop a wealthy land owner who is creating environmental havoc. The community resists this and other negative characters and finds effective ways to work together.

PCI Media Impact produced the weekly radio drama Montaña de Pasiones, which is the main feature of the one-hour live talk show “Esta Es Mi Gente” (This is my people) to develop sustainable agriculture, reduce wood extraction and preserve native flora and fauna in the mountain.

Nicaragua is home to 16 species threatened by extinction. The country protects 7.4% of its land in parks and other reserves. Some of the most devastated forests, near urban areas, continue to be exploited at a startling due to the demand for firewood.

Radio Ecologica

1,500 rural families in Somoto, San Lucas and Las Sabana in Madriz State, in northern Nicaragua.

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