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Liberia suffered two bloody civil wars during the past twenty years. Today, a silent war wages on against adolescent girls and women. Reports indicate that between 70% to 92% of Liberian women have experienced some form of sexual violence. The assaults are hard to control due to a weak justice systems, the lingering violence of war and an unwillingness to report incidents. We aim to give Liberian women a voice to break the silence and question social attitudes that allow attacks to continue.

“As a musician, I have to use my voice to carry the message. And as a man, I have to stand up for the women and the children. Rape needs to end so our country can move forward.” – Takun J

PCI Media Impact partners with UNICEF Liberia, the Ministry of Gender and Development and the African Network that Promotes Child Rights and Child Protection, all of which prevent violence against children across Liberia. Let’s Speak Out is an entertainment-education program that uses the power of music to create change. We partner with local HipCo stars, such as Takun J, Peaches and Nasseman to spread key messages in a storytelling format. Takun J was named first Anti-Rape Ambassador by the Ministry of Gender and Development in Liberia due to his impactful work.

After developing songs and music videos (such as “Song for Hawa” and “Where You At?”) we toured with the musicians and a comedian through five Liberian counties. Each tour was complete with visits to local schools, radio interviews and a free community concert. The artists spread key messages using their music and talent to reach out to thousands of parents, teachers, students and the general public. During these community outreach activities, the artists not only performed but also interacted with the community to develop strategies to prevent sexual violence and what to do if it happens. The discussions where augmented by the use of a special comic book featuring Takun J.

UNICEF Liberia
Ministry of Gender and Development
African Network that Promotes Child Rights and Child Protection
Office of the Special Representative to the Secretary-General on Sexual Violence in Conflic
Steve Jordan
Angelique Kidjo
Antoine Sanfuentes
Ann Curry
Paul Heck
THINK (Liberia)
Takun J

Through his music, Takun J has not only inspired girls to get their stories out, but has also promoted social change on a large scale. As his music becomes increasingly popular in Liberia, more and more people are hearing his message. Takun J was recently named “Best Hip Co Artist of the Year” by the Liberian Entertainment Awards (a US-based organization that recognizes Liberians across the diaspora). He has plans to continue distributing and performing his music, hoping to get the much needed message behind his lyrics to all of Liberia. In addition, Takun J is in the process of creating a music video that will feature the girls of the THINK home, further promoting them, their stories, and hope for all women throughout the country.

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