¿Ke Ondas Con Tu Vida? (What’s Up With Your Life?)

High school students deal with love and relationships with friends, partners, and parents. Through humor and drama, the characters learn to make responsible decisions about their sexual and reproductive health.

This 58-episode radio drama uses comedy and drama in a story about high school students and their relationships to address issues of responsible decision-making regarding sexual health.

Media Impact produced the weekly radio drama ¿Ke Ondas Con Tu Vida? (What’s Up with Your Life?) to promote sexual and reproductive health education, family planning, prevention of STIs, HIV, and AIDS, and to encourage adolescents to make positive behavioral choices. The radio drama was the core feature of the call-in show Doble Sentido: un Programa de Sexo (Double Meaning: A Program About Sex).

Honduras has the highest rate of teen pregnancy in Central America. 48% of women between the ages of 15-24 have been pregnant at least once. 59% of pregnancies occurred before the age of 17.

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¿Ke Ondas Con Tu Vida? (What’s Up With Your Life?) ran a successful 3 seasons from 2006 to 2008. The radio drama was produced by and for adolescents and youth ages 12 -18 in the center, south and west of Honduras, reaching a potential audience of 216,321 community members.

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