Integrated Health Program

Nadine is a passionate health worker in her community. When her friend Gakobwa gets pregnant, she encourages her to go to the health center for pre-natal care visits, against Gakobwa’s mother’s advice. Her work is not always welcome, and some community members feel threatened by her, such as Mwarabu. Mwarabu’s wife, Marita, is expecting her seventh child and is supposed to deliver, as in the past, with a traditional birth attendant, ignoring pregnancy warning signs.

This radio show will be broadcast across Burundi to address issues of maternal and child health, pre-natal care visits, healthy pregnancy, delivery in a health center, HIV and Malaria prevention, and breastfeeding. It is structured in a way that encourages dialogue between listeners and an expert guest, as well as listeners and the radio host.

A total of 6 episodes of Entertainment-Education radio drama will be produced, along with 12 sketches and call-in shows.

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