Huracán de Esperanza (Hurricane of Hope)

The story is about three families dealing with a contaminated river. Disease control and prevention are among the main concerns and challenges in the community. With different beliefs and life styles, they have to find a way to work together.

First Family: Luisa lives with her two children Manolo and Carolina. Luisa’s husband died during the civil war in Guatemala. Manolo the youngest is the one who still is suffering the most.

Second Family: Martín and Visenta is a mature couple who have large experience farming. They are knowledgeable about natural and traditional medicine, and farming products protection. People listen to them.

Third Family: Rosa is a health promoter who lives with her two children: Tono and Clara. Rosa is back to the community after being studying environmental issues outside the town. Now she wants to organize the community to face the problems caused by the river contamination

The amount of waste allocated per day in the municipal dump in Guatemala City is around 900 tons. On average, a person in Guatemala City produces 0.727 kilograms of garbage daily. It is estimated there are 1,000 illegal solid waste dumps in Guatemala City. Industries and people living by the river banks have converted the rivers into clandestine garbage dumps.

Vecinos Mundiales
Asociación Trópico Verde
Local Radio Broadcasters

Targeted youth ages 12-20 in San Antonio Suchitepéquez, La Tinta and Alta Veracruz.

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