Cultivando Amor (Harvesting Love)

Farmers in San Lucas, Nicaragua have many different ways of maintaining their farms. Lack of proper farming methods and disregard for the environment leads to many farms and crops failing. Deceiving individuals, such as Danilo, give out bad advice like using harmful chemicals that cause many crops to fail.

PCI Media Impact and partners produced the weekly radio drama Cultivating Love, which is the core feature of the radio talk show Asi es mi Gente (This is My People), which consists of mixed-format call-ins, music, and interviews with experts.

Some of the most devastated forests, near urban areas, continue to be exploited at a startling rate due to the demand for firewood; wood provides 90 percent of household and 25 percent of industrial fuel. Only 32 percent of the rural population has access to clean water. Nicaragua is home to 16 species threatened by extinction. Yet the country protects 7.4 percent (1997) of its land in parks and other reserves.

Radio Ecologica

35,000 listeners from the ages 20 to 30 across northern Nicaragua. General audience is the following Nicaraguan cities: Somoto, San Lucas, Las Sabanas, Totogalpa, Yalagunia, Ocotal, and Mozonte.

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