Guardians of the Mist

Guardians of the Mist details the adventures of a girl, Jacinta, who joins forces with endangered native animals (Jaguara, Quetzalo, and Tapirgo) as they work to save the Cloud Forest from the evil Mecatrono, the human-controlled robot destroying the ecosystems of Chiapas.

Each year only 60 people are permitted to visit El Triunfo, a biosphere reserve in Chiapas, Mexico. As one of the last remnants of the world’s most endangered ecosystem, the Cloud Forest, the reserve must be protected so stringently that few have the opportunity to appreciate its beauty firsthand. This strips individuals of experiences that might have driven them to protect it. But now, through the play Guardians of the Mist performed at the world-renowned Chiapas Zoo (ZOOMAT), audiences young and old come to understand issues affecting Chaipas’ biodiversity. The show follows the heroic efforts of an animal kingdom protecting itself from the threat of habitat destruction, and serves to build empathy and emotional connection to the forest and its species.

Working in partnership with the Commissions for the Environment and Education in Chiapas, as well as the Ministry for Arts and Culture and PCI Media Impact, the Fondo de Conservación El Triunfo (Foncet), The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and Palenque Rojo have created an interactive, visually beautiful story that appeals to an inter-generational audience.

The Guardians of the Mist play utilizes Entertainment-Education to leave a long-lasting impression about the importance of these endangered animals, not only to their own ecosystem, but to global environmental preservation efforts. An innovative and multifaceted approach to preservation, the play serves both to generate engagement around the issues for biodiversity in Chiapas as well as to raise vital funds for the El Triunfo reserve itself. The reserve has an imperative need for both financial and popular support: without El Triunfo, the endangered plants and animals in the Cloud Forest would struggle to survive and likely become extinct.

Commissions for the Environment and Education in Chiapas
Ministry for Arts and Culture

As an organization, we seek to promote the care of ecosystems, animals, and water of the world, and help to slow climate change through compelling art and entertainment. Since its premiere on December 20, 2014, the Guardians of the Mist play has been incredibly successful in Chiapas. Through its narrative strength and compelling performance value, it helps audiences build a long-term empathic connection with this ecosystem and the values behind its preservation. But the Cloud Forest will not last in the long run without support from elsewhere. Therefore, we would like to bring this play to various other locations around the world in order to compel further populations to engage both for this fragile ecosystem, and for preservation efforts more broadly.

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