In the Ucayali region, 21.2% of girls 15-19 are pregnant or already mothers. Although the main issues Peruvian adolescents face are school dropouts and teen pregnancy, this is well above the national average. In an effort to encourage parents to discuss these issues and sexual and reproductive health to their children in the home, we partnered with ITVS and Lideres en Tiempo Liberado (LTL) to create this radio drama and talk show.

With the goal of creating a favorable home environment that is non-judgmental and accepting, the program wants to get adolescents talking about these issues they face every day. By making the home a place where teens feel safe talking about these issues, especially with their parents, the rate of teen pregnancy can decrease. The full program allows parents to call in and ask questions following the scripted segment and tips given on the subject. Parents are encouraged to listen to their children to strengthen relationships based on trust and respect. The talk show provides information and tips on how to talk to children as well as provide them with guidance and support. Being informed and having a space to communicate fully will allow for a change in the growth of teen pregnancy.

Weekly activities are organized by the community centered and driven program. These activities gather parents and teens for engagement and continued facilitation of discussion. The program focuses on the importance of communication and community. Now into the first season, Familiando broadcasts on Saturdays from 10 am to 12 pm via Radio del Progresso 107.7 FM.

Lideres en Tiempo Liberado (LTL)

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