Esta Boca es Mi Boca

Ana, Manuel and their friends attend a sexual rights workshop.  The workshop became the perfect stage to bring up their own experiences about sexual rights and responsibilities that adolescents have.

Esta Boca es Mi Boca was the main feature of the one-hour live talk show “Entre Labios: Voces para Vivir” (Between Lips: Voices for Living). The radio talk show was broadcast during a mixed – format call-in to address reproductive and sexual health.

Indian groups make Oaxaca State the most ethnically complex state in Mexico. It is the third poorest state in the country, with over 3,000,000 people. The state has reported 2,000 HIV/AIDS cases. The local hospitals reported 12% teenage pregnancies. Illiteracy among women is 26.7% and 15.5% among men. Over 60% of the population does not continue studying after primary school.

COMPARSA: National Community Theater Initiative
Asociación Acceso Libre A.C.
Consorcio para el diálogo parlamentario y la equidad, Oaxaca
Mexfam, Fundación Mexicana para la Planeación familiar A.C
Secretaria de Asuntos Indígenas de Oaxaca

Targeted youth ages 14 – 19 from the districts of Ocotlán, Zimatlán, and Zaachila.

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