Healthy Pregnancy, Healthy Child
(Eastern & Southern Africa)

About 29,000 children under the age of 5 die every day, mainly from preventable causes. This can be changed with relevant and proper dissemination of information. Our information package outlines what steps to take while pregnant including antenatal visits, precautions to take during delivery, postnatal visits, newborn care, and outlining nutrition and child health.

In order to promote positive behavioral change, the Communications for Development (C4D) package is distributed by UNICEF to program planners and implementers throughout the region, so they can put its strategies and tools to work for their audiences. It is designed to walk program planners through the five steps of C4D in the context of maternal, newborn and child health: data collection, strategic design, development and testing of materials, implementation and monitoring, and evaluation and re-planning.

In order to decrease the number of global child deaths, a set of action plans were created for every relevant community member that interacts with children. Raising a child and seeing them grow up healthy is a job for more than just parents. ESARO engages religious leaders, community leaders, school teachers, health mobilizers, NGOs, CFOs, and parents and guardians.

By providing relevant information for maternal and child health to all parties, we can decrease the mortality rate of children and their mothers. The mobilization guides and toolkits outline necessary measures to keep children and mothers healthy from early pregnancy into early childhood. Our guides come with interactive info-graphics, a video overview, and an easy to access website. If all actors do their part in promoting healthy practices, we can ensure mothers and their children live long and healthy lives.

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