El Intruso

Josefina is a pregnant widow who discovers that she is HIV positive. With the help of her older daughter, Rosita, who is a studying to be a nurse, Josefina’s baby is born healthy. Rosita’s boyfriend, Alfredo, is a resident medical student in their town and provides Rosita’s family with educational information about HIV.

Vicky and Julián are a married couple that supports the youth run radio show, ”Butterflies In My Stomach,” which aims to educate the town on sexual health. Despite the program’s positive message, it faces opposition from other community members.

Soledad is a single mother with two children, Lesly and Diego. Despite being called to the school to speak with her children about sex education, Soledad chooses to only speak with her son later to find out that Lesly is pregnant.

In Guatemala in 2007, 59, 000 people were reported living with HIV/AIDS and 3,900 people died from AIDS. At risk youth and street children have an HIV prevalence rate of 3.3%.

The Intruder: Protect Yourself Against HIV to educate youth on sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention methods. This program emphasized HIV transmission, prevention of discrimination and stigmatization of HIV and AIDS carriers, and the importance of communication in households regarding HIV.

The Intruder: Protect Yourself Against HIV radio campaign helped to strengthen the Quetzaltenango movement by training youth to inform adolescents about sexual health on both an institutional and community level. Asociación Comunicares was able to promote the HIV prevention campaign on a national level by hosting the National Child and Youth Communicators Meeting: “Let’s Talk about HIV.”

Asociación Comunicares
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