Ek Zindagi Aisi Bhi (The Life We Aspire For)
(Bihar, India)

The radio drama focused on educating the audience of the benefits to solar power. Not only is solar power in Bihar attainable, but more affordable and sustainable in the long run. Without solar power, villages who were able to gather electricity did so by extracting it from the centralized power grid; connection was limited and unreliable. In order to convince Bihar to make the switch from an unreliable yet constant energy source to one that is new and viewed with uncertainty, the radio drama was created.

In tandem with the 100% Bihar campaign by our partner CEED, the use of the popular radio medium and celebrity influence created an unavoidable and captivating campaign that transcended multiple channels. Each episode included expert information pertaining to the particular storyline of the day, followed by a discussion with listeners. These included particular concerns people might have with solar energy, such as the myth that energy will not be generated if it is not a sunny day. Broadcast to all of Bihar’s radio stations, the drama addressed multiple myths about solar energy and clarified solutions to the energy problem. The campaign reached more than just the villages but spoke to politicians who then felt pressure to consider making the switch to solar energy.

Amidst an election, Ek Zindagi Aisi Bhi: The Life We Aspire For radio drama was broadcast at an important time where change is tangible. PCI Media Impact worked in conjunction with the Bihar community to develop a radio drama that educated the public on the benefits of solar power. The project drew from CEED’s 100% Bihar Campaign to achieve 100% solar power in the region.

Bihar, India is a developing region where electricity is extracted from a centralized power grid. Unfortunately, the grid does not provide a reliable source of electricity and more often than not, Bihar is left in the dark. Lack of electricity provides many issues including limited time for children to study. The radio drama discussed the benefits of solar power such as the cost exchange. Although siphoning from the main power grid seems to be more affordable, villagers must pay for each time they generate energy. In comparison, villagers can pay once for the installation of the solar panels and then generate their own energy for years.

The Entertainment-Education approach is utilized to its full potential in this collaborative radio drama. In Bihar, we were approached with the issue of sustainable energy, we worked with the people of Bihar to create a form of popular media easily accessible to the community, and collaborated to make our vision come to life. Breaking down the myths and benefits of solar power through a popular media outlet personifies PCI Media Impact’s mission by collectively strengthening the capacity of our partners, building a community of support, and working together to promote authentic change.

Largely successful, Ek Zindagi Aisi Bhi: The Life We Aspire For gathered praise from our partners and the people of Bihar. Representatives at All India Radio were impressed with the story, and the CEO of our partner CEED declared how much he loved the theme song.

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