Eat Some – Keep Some

In this 4-episode series, a contentious debate arises over the question of a logging contract, forcing community members such as Toe and Quoiquoi to discuss the costs and benefits of long term conservation efforts versus those of short term economic gains.

As Liberia recovers from years of conflict, war-torn communities are slowly returning to their ancestral lands. Liberia is home to the largest remaining sections of Upper Guinean Forest, a globally important lowland rainforest region that is rich in endemic and rare species. Diana monkeys, chimpanzees and other endangered species rely on this forest for their survival which is at risk due to slash-and-burn agricultural expansion, mining and poaching. PCI Media Impact has developed with Fauna & Flora International and local partners a program called Eat Some, Keep Some. The program uses Entertainment-Education and other communications tools to inform and engage Liberians about the impact of climate change and sustainable forest management.

The drama Eat Some – Keep Some broadcasted in 2012 in Liberian English, Kru, Lorma, Via and Kpelleh.

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