Del Sur Para el Sur: Historias de Vida de Gente Como Tú (From the South, For the South)

In this 20-episode series a very strong rain falls in Huacarani causing terrible water damage and leaving many people homeless. Some believe that the rain was caused by the wrath of God at the sinners of the town. Others remember the floods that occurred five years before which caused similar damages. The community struggles to resolve the resulting problems, but decides to get together and discuss what to do.

Del Sur para el Sur addresses food security and environmental sustainability in the southern region of Bolivia. In 2005, 63% of the population of Bolivia (8.8 million people) lived below the poverty line, causing malnutrition which contributes to infant and maternal mortality, mental retardation, and physical limitations.

A part of the radio drama also addresses the impact of deforestation and poor agricultural practices. Media Impact makes the connection between poor environmental practices and poverty to reach audience members.

Del Sur Para el Sur targeted men and women over 15 and families of farmers from Chusquisaca, Tarija and Sucre in the southern region of Bolivia. The production was extremely successful and reached more than 135,000 people in 2007.

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