Con Nombre de Mujer

Various types of women in the same community must deal with their sexual health and rights to choosing how many children they wish to have. Emiliana is an abusive relationship where her husband, Francisco, is often drunk and doesn’t take precautionary measures to not have more children. In the same town, Jenny is a math teacher by day and studies automobile mechanics at night. Jenny does not have any children but she fights for women’s right to have a say in family planning

Bolivian indigenous people account for 60% of the main population and they face real and perceived barriers in access to health services. Additionally, over 13% of adolescent girls are pregnant or have already had a child.

CECOPI: Centro de Educación y comunicación para comunidades y pueblos indígenas
Radio Atipiri

Targeted 644,000, including 10,000 adolescents and young adults from the ages of 15 – 30 in El Alto, Bolivia.

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