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Each comic focuses on a specific Global Goal for Sustainable Development with the objective to raise awareness and reach vast and diverse audiences.

Annie Sunbeam and Friends: Annie Sunbeam and Friends concentrates on life below water (SDG #14). In the comic, Annie, the heroic leader of the intergalactic, cross-species Solution to Pollution Crew, decides to travel to Earth in her Space Cab for a nice and relaxing vacation. Her plan is quickly interrupted when she observes the harmful behavior of humans towards the environment and oceans. Soon, her vacation turns into an investigation as she uncovers the mind-controlling daze which is causing people to harm their own planet. Annie Sunbeam and friends are on a mission to put an end to the daze, create awareness, and positively impact the environment and world we live in.

Anna’s Forest: Anna’s Forest focuses on the need to protect life on land (SDG #15). After Anna’s father finds out that he is facing some serious health concerns, enhanced by the pollution in the city, she and her family temporarily move to the countryside. Initially, Anna and her younger brother are uneasy about leaving their life in the city, but with time they come to experience a special connection with nature. When they leave the countryside, Anna feels ready to support conservation in her neighborhood and beyond! At home, she and her brother decide to take action right in their own city, bringing nature with them wherever they go and inspiring others to make a change! The comic explores the dire effects of pollution, the consequences deforestation, forest conservation and biodiversity, and more importantly, our love for nature!

Heroes for Change: This particular comic uses the idea that the readers are the heroes. Beginning with an overview of the Global Goals for Sustainable Development, it goes on to stress the best way to achieve the development goals is by global participation. In order to do so, the comic calls for people to “make the goals famous”. Change is possible if the people of the world learn about the goals, tell people about them through various mediums (word of mouth, social media, community gatherings), and get involved. We are the heroes. Together, we can change the world.

Chakra the Invincible – Gender Equality: Elaborating on the fifth Global Goal, Chakra learns about gender inequality when he switches bodies with his best friend Mighty Girl. Chakra sees the inequality his friend faces every day when he, in the body of Mighty Girl, is not allowed to play outside with his brothers, but must assist with all the household chores.

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Comics Uniting Nations is a partnership formed between four key agencies – PCI Media Impact, UNICEF, The World’s Largest Lesson and Reading with Pictures – to produce comics that share the lessons of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Comic books draw in the wide-ranging audience necessary to make the goals a reality. Additional partnerships with known comic creators for each publication ensure that characters are recognizable.

In addition to the comics themselves, we have released a Teacher’s Guide to encourage their usage in the classroom. Their wide distribution through The World’s Largest Lesson’s global network of educators has ensured a diverse and strong audience base.

So far, Comics Uniting Nations has released 13 unique comics, with numerous translations of each. The program has been featured both on panels and at booths at the San Diego and New York Comic Conventions, the two largest in the world. Program representatives were even asked to ring the NASDAQ opening bell during the summer of 2016.

The World's Largest Lesson

The comics were designed with the goal of educating through entertainment to benefit our future leaders. Making aware what is at stake can result in positive action. Translated into 12 different languages, the comics have been very well received around the world. Comics Uniting Nations is an ongoing program and will continue to produce various comics about the global development goals.

As of December 2016, Comics Uniting Nations has reached over 140,000 users on Facebook, collecting more than 14,000 likes, shares, and comments. Additionally, the World’s Largest Lesson’s Yumpu account, which displays digital versions of all the released comics, has gotten almost 540,000 views.

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