Callaloo is a steamy mix of love, desire, joy, corruption and tragedy following the lives of the McLaren, Blackman, Joseph and St Martin families, living within the community of Riverbend on a beautiful Caribbean island. Throughout the drama, multiple plots have followed the family members through times of personal and business success and times of despair and the lost of loved ones. Callaloo pulls listeners left and right and up and down through an emotional journey of forming friendship and enmities as family bonds and relationships are tested in light of troubling and harmful practices; both harmful to people and the local environment of their beautiful island.

As the drama unfolds, listeners hear about the trials of Albert St Martin of the McLaren Cleaning Company; he suspects the company is violating local environment laws but fears losing his job if he speaks up. On the other side of town, Gregory Singh, the promiscuous policeman, will soon find out that he is HIV positive and is terrified to tell his wife. Whatwill these characters choose to do in the end? How will their friends and family react? A storm is brewing in Riverbend; as the wet season approaches, the community will face individual and shared pleasure, pain and disaster.

Listen to an episode of Callaloo where the community assesses the impact of Hurricane Jarrod (Episode 90).

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Callaloo is a locally-written and produced serial drama that depicts characters facing troubling changes and decisions relating to pressing issues of personal health and the health of their surrounding environment; issues that individuals living throughout the Caribbean are facing in their everyday lives.

This serial radio drama component of a PCI Media Impact’s larger My Island—My Community communications program. As a strategic Communications for Behavior Change program, this program uses Callaloo as well as radio call-in shows and community mobilization campaigns to build knowledge, shift attitudes and change behaviors of their audience members around critical issues the Caribbean is facing. The three target issues discusses are:

  • Increasing resilience to climate change in coastal communities by promoting natural solutions
  • Conserving biodiversity by improving solid waste management practices
  • Reducing HIV infection rates (particularly among youths) while increasing good practices relating to sexual and reproductive health

My Island—My Community comes at an opportune time, when pride of country needs to be enhanced. The program is a rallying cry for the inhabitants to defend their island with all they have got.”

–Anita James, Ministry of Agriculture,Government of St. Lucia

Working across 15 countries throughout the Caribbean, Callaloo reaches up to 6 million residents. Through this drama and the other components of the program, My Island – My Community promotes multiple strategies, such as ecosystem-based adaptation to climate change; multiple-use marine zoning; emergency preparedness; sustainable finance mechanisms; community well-being and livelihood opportunities; and the rehabilitation and conservation of natural sea defenses like mangroves and coral reefs.

Find out more about the My Island—My Community campaign here!

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
The Nature Conservancy (TNC)
GEF Small Grants Programme, implemented by UNDP
the Global Island Partnership (GLISPA)
The Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity (SCBD)
Buccoo Reef Trust/Tobago
Caribbean Environmental Health Institute (CEHI)
BirdLife International
Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust
Panos Caribbean
The St. Lucia Folk Research Center
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
the Society for the Conservation and Study of Caribbean Birds (SCSCB)

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