Body Love

Hairdressers and best friends, Vanessa Love and Rosalyn Armstrong work together in the BodyLove beauty salon. Vanessa and Roz don’t always make ends meet at BodyLove. And it doesn’t help that Roz doesn’t take care of herself and has let her diabetes get the best of her.

All this stress does a number on Vanessa’s blood pressure too! Vanessa has three kids with Sonny. He’s not great at being there for their family. But Sonny has a good heart and works hard to show Vanessa he can beat his alcohol addiction and can be a role model for his children.

Roz’s faith helps her get through the tough times, dealing with her diabetes and problems with her husband Miles. But nothing can prepare Roz for the drama that comes with her sister Fadelia. She breezes into town and stirs things up for everyone with her secrets and lies!

Set in a fictitious beauty salon, BodyLove is an innovative radio soap opera that gives listeners important information about staying healthy. This unique serial drama educates and entertains! As a health promotion drama, the episodes revolve around common health concerns such as: diabetes, kidney disease, hypoglycemia, hypertension, stroke, cardiovascular disease, stress management, substance abuse, addiction, depression, organ donation, diet and nutrition, smoking cessation, exercise, and eye health.

In the soap opera setting, these health issues are interwoven with the personal stories of the characters. Listeners follow the life of Vanessa Love and her best friend Rosalyn Armstrong.  The main target audience are African-American women over the age of 35 living in Alabama. Alabama has the nation’s highest rates of diabetes (13% are diagnosed with diabetes) and is the second most obese state (70% are obese or overweight).

The 80-episode radio drama promotes healthy behaviors such as disease management, health screening, exercising, and healthy eating. The radio drama was integrated in a radio magazine to interact with the target audience, provide expert opinions, and reinforce health messages. The intervention website links to trusted health resources, supports behavior change and healthy lifestyle choices.

Frequent BodyLove listeners were more likely than seldom listeners to report that BodyLove influenced them to discuss diabetes, get screened for diabetes and hypertension, start or increase physical activity, and healthy eating.

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