Blue Capes

Just as there are “blue helmets” (UN Peacekeepers) serving around the world in the cause of peace, we need heroes of all ages to offer selfless service in their communities. In the process they will learn how this service supports the cause of the various UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), increasing awareness and value for the Goals.

Blue Capes will spread the message that each child/person has a unique power to be of service to the world – and the world needs them to share it. It will encourage a global culture of service, empathy, cooperation, gratitude and oneness with others around the world.

Blue Capes will inspire the millions of individual actions required to achieve the Goals and make them a worldwide reality.

Over the long term, the campaign will be planting the seeds for a new generation of globally conscious kids and future leaders. In 15 years, many of these future adults could likely be in positions of power and influence – helping champion the UN goals.

A special thank you to Natabara Rollosson for his vision and heart in creating the Blue Capes concept.


The online campaign will include a website and mobile app to facilitate engagement. The campaign and proposed resources aims to include:

– Animations, comics, games, contests and tools for kids to discover and define their special superpowers, choose their favorite SDG, create their own insignia, report hero “sightings” and share inspirational stories.
– Lesson plans to allow parents, teachers, and community leaders to facilitate discussions and activities to engage young people in the movement. Through UNICEF’s partnership with the World’s Largest Lesson, this outreach into schools can be amplified.
– Award materials, to allow teachers, schools, community, religious organizations, NGOs and others to create and offer their own Blue Capes Award Programs.
– Blue Capes Birthday kits, to allow individual birthday parties to be dedicated to service and support of the SDGs.
– Online store (within the website) offering products (capes, shirts, hats, etc) and promotional materials to further spread the Blue Capes brand, encourage participation and ultimately provide a sustainable revenue stream for the ongoing project.


– Celebrity Blue Capes: encouraging well-known people (of all ages) to promote and share online photos of themselves or others wearing blue capes (or photos with blue capes photo-shopped onto the person’s image).
– Campaign Teaser: would post photos of famous people wearing a blue cape, with the challenge to guess the wearer of the cape. A photo shoot could include three key poses:

1. Picture from behind wearing a blue cape = guess who!
2. Picture from front holding the cape up halfway over face = guess again!
3. Picture of full reveal, holding over their heart their favorite SDG (icon)

– Social media campaigns / website engagement, where Blue Capes Celebrities and local young heroes are celebrated and encouraged on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat and other key platforms, using #bluecapes. The “sightings” facility will allow kids to recognize, celebrate and post pictures online of people (ideally engaged in the act of serving their community) they feel are community heroes, activists and friends. Celebrities can also be on the lookout to highlight (i.e. retweeting, liking) the heroes who inspire them on their social media accounts, which can feed into potential contests/awards. If kids (and adults) feel like the celebrities may be on the lookout to highlight them….

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